Twenty-two Great Reasons to Learn The Redford Stack:

Redford Out of Order
A List of Properties Specific to The Redford Stack:
1. Get into the Redford Stack very quickly from any shuffled arrangement.
2. Get into the Redford Stack effortlessly from New Deck Order.
3. You won’t need to have memorized the Redford Stack to get in and out of it. There’s no need to have a cheat sheet with you to set it up before learning the order. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?
4. Effortlessly move from the Redford Stack into a Stay Stack/Mirror arrangement.
5. Effortlessly move from Redford Stack to a Cyclical Stack (ala Si Stebbins) thus taking advantage of all of the features that exist within the Stebbins stack!
6. Spell to seventeen different cards without any major rearrangement of the pack.
7. Secretly move into Hen Fetch’s Spelling stack where ANY card may be spelled to.
8. The Redford Stack may also move back into New Deck Order covertly making for an impressive climax to any routine.
9. Several impressive full poker demonstrations are built into the stack.
10. ANY poker hand (virtually any pair, three of a kind, a full house, four of a kind, flush, straight flush, or royal flush) may be named and you may immediately shuffle and deal several hands giving yourself the hand called for. Sometimes you may also deal notable hands to the other players.
11. A bridge deal that results in the complete suit of clubs, hearts, diamonds or spades dealt to the performer.
12. A two phase blackjack demonstration is also built into the stack.
13. Two full deck story effects that don’t expose the main memorized order.
14. A third story effect that follows the path of the memorized deck that possibly aids in the further memory of the stack.
15. Executing a few perfect “out” faro shuffles results in several pairs, straight flushes, and fours of a kind that come together and may be used to demonstrate uncanny card control to an audience.
16. After a few perfect out faro shuffles the four Aces will locate multiple selected cards.
17. The two black Kings will find one to three selections after a series of perfect “out” faro shuffles.
18. Take advantage of the first 22 cards being in an alternating sequence of red and black cards.
19. Easily set the top 26 cards into red-black-red-black alternating order by shifting one card.
20. Easily set all 52 cards into color alternating order by shifting three cards.
21. The first 26 cards contain the color mates of the last 26 cards.
22. When combining the stack with the Trilby principle, even more features present themselves!

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    But I have to say that what I’ve seen so far of the capabilities that this deck holds are incredible and fascinating

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