Memorized Deck: The Redford Stack

Memorized Deck Work:

Friends. Are you interested in my memorized deck and the work that I have specific to that stack? If so, I’m thinking of offering a publication with my stack and its unique features in the near future. It’s a stack I’ve been using exclusively for about six years. It was developed after wanting a stack that could be “shuffled” into quickly and easily from both new deck order and a shuffled pack of cards. I also wanted to be able to deal any poker hand called. I wanted the ability to move into stay stack or a cyclical stack easily without having the need to perform a faro shuffle or anti-farro.
I feel that I’ve met all of these goals and more. A few folks have shown interest over the years in learning more about my system. When I was at Mindvention this past year someone who had been at a live lecture of mine asked if I ever published my work on this. I haven’t but feel like maybe the time is right.

So what say you? Do you love memorized deck work or love the idea of it and simply haven’t taken the plunge? Would you support a project of this kind?

If so I’ll make this project a priority on my writing desk as it’s nearing completion.

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