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A Graduate Course in Social Psychology!
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Psychology for the Mentalist is a well referenced graduate course in Social Psychology. The techniques and principles explored in these pages can help turn mere tricks into miracles.

This project is broken down in two sections. The technique and research section and applied applications of these principles in the form of effects. This book will help you find ways to implement these techniques into your own work immediately and how to maximize the techniques you may already be familiar with and are already using.

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Closing QuoteThis is a truly ambitious project. A graduate course in Social Psychology very well referenced with the latest research applicable to the performance of mentalism. You cannot fail to be in awe of the effort and stimulated to perfect your routines and create new ones. Application of these techniques will turn your tricks into what appears to be the real thingClosing Quote—Richard Mark


Closing QuoteThis book is a wealth of source material for performers who wish to enhance their work by infusing it with psychological concepts. This glimpse of real research (written by a PhD student of psychology with an understanding of mentalism and magic…and a solid performer to boot) will spark your imagination with powerful possibilities and intriguing premises. It is a ‘must read’ for any modern mentalist.Closing Quote—Dan Harlan

Closing QuoteI love this work. It fills important gaps and clarifies much. Anyone with a mind (or whose work entails understanding them) MUST have it.Closing Quote—Marc Salem


Closing QuoteAndy has written the definitive work on psychology in mentalism. This genre-busting book provides great information for presentational premises and for methods to utilize in your own effects. For those interested in the use of psychology in mentalism, Mr. Luttrell’s book will be required reading. Highly recommended!Closing Quote—Sean Waters

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