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Induce Amnesia & Implant Thoughts!

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glemme Inside you’ll learn how to make anyone forget virtually anything! Glemme (Norwegian for “Forget”) uses a reliable method that doesnt rely on pure psychology and guarantees results. Your subects will always feel as if he or she has forgotten exactly what you asked him or her to remember.

A subject is asked what color his shirt is. After responding the performer openly writes this color down so that the rest of the audience can clearly see it. The performer then shows the subject the word on the board and asks him to “lock it into his memory.” The subject responds with an affirmation that he has indeed done so. A few moments go by and the subject can’t remember the written information no matter how hard he tries! It’s that strong.

Inside are all new handlings that allow the effect to be performed on stage with props like a dry erase board, note pad/large scetch pad, playing cards, combination locks, or it even with your very own business cards.

The performer can “bring back” the forgotten memory at any point having the subject instantly remember what he’s supposedly forgotten.

The bonus material includes handlings that teaches how to make a specific ungimmicked combination locks open on any combination entered by the audience. They can actually take the lock home with them because the combination they enter really is the combination that the lock is set on!

Perfect Bound
46 pages
Redford Press, 2008 


Closing QuotePatrick G. Redford is brilliant! I am familiar with several other publications of “the forgotten ploy” and this one is by far the most commercial and convincing. In this book, Patrick credits the other methods, which I have used in the past, and then explains why he felt a need to come up with a better way. If you have ever tried to perform “the forgotten ploy” you will know that it often is a delicate dance between you, the audience, and then the helper on stage. Patrick simplifies that process therefore the performer can focus on presentation. Patrick also expands on the basic “forgotten ploy” and takes it beyond the realm of cards. Very well routined effects whereby the participant can be made to apparently forget either: a playing card, the color of their shirt, and even the combination to a lock that they just moments ago set themselves and later at your command they will recall the memory. Several different handlings are taught giving the performer the ability to choose the one that will best suit their performance needs. For close up, cabaret, and stage. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in hypnotic type magic, your audience as well as participant will believe that you can control their minds. This is a very eerie feeling and seems as real as it gets. DON’T FORGET to buy this book.Closing Quote—Adam Thurman, Rogersville,Tennessee


Closing QuoteI wholeheartedly recommend this for people who will acutally use the work! This has to be tried to believe the reactions. Just check out the version on “22 blows” if you have it and you get the feeling of how powerful this can be. I especially like the dry erase board routine, and plan to use it every chance I get.Closing Quote—Paul H.


Closing QuoteThe lock effects are simply brilliant. The nature of the locks mean that they could be done one on one, I suppose, as the lock itself acts as evidence. I really like the lock effects. If you like this type of effect, this is highly recommended. AsClosing Quote—Lemniscate


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