“Temporarily Out of Order” Update:



UPDATE: Preorder is now LIVE! The book will be sold as a hardcover project.

There will be a media connected component to the book where readers may enter a secret area on this site that will connect them to demonstrations of many of the items from the book along side their explanations.

Check Out Some of the Performance Videos

Temporarily Out of Order Performance:

King Me Performance:


Partner Poker Performance:


  1. Dave Kinkead

    The link to the pre-order is not working. It has extra characters in the href (%20%E2%80%8E). So, anyone trying to get there, you can click the link and then remove the characters from the Address Bar.

  2. Jesús Angeles

    I’m a little confused… Can I pre-order this now? Or it just passed and I didn’t notice?? 🙁 I’m From Mexico

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