Geometric – The Shape Series Collected

geometriccover2Geometric is the scheduled title for he upcoming hard bound compilation of Patrick G. Redford’s shape series. ┬áThis book will collect all five of the previous shape series titles (Triangle, Square, Pentagon, Hexagon, and Heptagon) as well as two new titles (Circle and Cross) and additional expansions on the previously published material.

“I’m excited about this release and for all of the books to be available together for the first time.” Says, Redford. “Many folks didn’t realize that there was a story weaved over all five of the shape series installation that presented each of the impromptu mentalism effects found within. Now it will be able to be read as one full story.”

Hoping for a Novemeber 2016 release, Redford hopes Geometric will be treasured in the libraries of magicians around the world.

Geometric will be available for pre-order via



    • Hi, Scott.

      We’re not quite ready to release a pre-order option as the art work is still not complete. As we get closer to a comfortable finish we’ll open up for pre-orders!

      Thanks for your interest and excitement!

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