1. Dennis Coates

    Fascinating, George-will certainly be rereading this and thinking and meditating on that…you whet my appetite for more of your musings on this. More, please!!!

  2. Hmmm intriguing thoughts. I heard Max Maven use the 80% rule, most people know Magic isn’t true but somewhere in the back of there minds they see a moment and question there reality, maybe it could be true. That’s where magic the true art of magic lies.

    I don’t think we need to prove or disapprove Magic – I think we need to perform at our best, provide engaging plots and let the audience make there own mind up.

    When we think about the word “magic” and it’s desciption, we get things like “to make something disappear?” “To have a magical moment” Well I like you have said, Magic is the in between, it’s the in between science and religion, fact and fiction. Once our audience understands this on an intellectual level, maybe we can teach our audience how to watch magic, just like how to learn to tast wine?

    Then once they know how to watch Magic that’s when we can help guide and create true astionisment. O man it’s taken me years to understand this and I’m glad there are a few like you who are already there, this rabbit hole is vast and never ending, I’m enjoying the ride .

    I enjoyed the read and will re-read again.

    Much love Phil T (Thre Professinal Magician)

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