Ben Blau’s Vindicator

There’s good news and there’s bad news….  The good news first: Because Temporarily Out of Order was such a hit there will be two more books full of content (about the same size as the first volume) do to be released (and there’s some amazing contributions from others as well as the additional material I’ve already had planned). … [Read more…]

Memorized Deck: The Redford Stack

Memorized Deck Work: Friends. Are you interested in my memorized deck and the work that I have specific to that stack? If so, I’m thinking of offering a publication with my stack and its unique features in the near future. It’s a stack I’ve been using exclusively for about six years. It was developed after … [Read more…]

Prophesy Voice

I’ve been fairly quiet about this app for some time but it’s finally ready and available! It’s been a long time coming but I’m so pleased that there is finally a tool that has been made to make the performance of Prophesy Voice easier and more fluid. At the moment it’s for iOS only. It … [Read more…]