Mike Powers on the Redford Stack

I have known Patrick Redford for quite some time now. Besides being a first-class performer, Patrick is a creative force to be reckoned with. When he sees potential in a concept, he is relentless in squeezing out the maximum effect. In “Temporarily Out of Order”, Patrick has focused his laser sights on the memorized deck. … [Read more…]

“Temporarily Out of Order” Update:

    UPDATE: Preorder is now LIVE! The book will be sold as a hardcover project. There will be a media connected component to the book where readers may enter a secret area on this site that will connect them to demonstrations of many of the items from the book along side their explanations. Check Out … [Read more…]

Geometric – The Shape Series Collected

Geometric is the scheduled title for he upcoming hard bound compilation of Patrick G. Redford’s shape series.  This book will collect all five of the previous shape series titles (Triangle, Square, Pentagon, Hexagon, and Heptagon) as well as two new titles (Circle and Cross) and additional expansions on the previously published material. “I’m excited about … [Read more…]